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Should you migrate your website to WordPress?

A lot of small and big online business are moving their existing websites to WordPress, and there are several reasons why this is a good idea and can be a great investment.

Before starting the migration process though, make sure you employ the services of a competent WordPress Website Design company. They usually don’t charge too much for such a migration, and will provide speed, reliability, security and quality of execution in exchange for their fee.

Now, let’s see a few factors that make this migration a safe and worthwhile investment!

WordPress is easy to maintain and use

From your perspective as a website administrator, the first advantage that becomes obvious with WordPress is the fact that you can easily modify your website without the use of any code editing software, such as Dreamweaver. All you need is a browser and an internet connection, and you can immediately log in as an administrator and begin reworking aspects of your webpage.

On the other hand, from a user perspective, WordPress is extremely friendly. It was initially designed as a blogging platform, and as such, everything is easy to find and clear. It’s very hard to get lost on a WordPress website, assuming it’s built right (this is where I need to remind you of the importance of hiring a competent web designer to redo your website).

WordPress Website Design

WordPress Website Design

WordPress is great for SEO

If you already have a running website, you should be aware of the importance of search engine optimization already. And there’s no platform better suited to optimize search results then Wordrpess, mainly because the coding part of WordPress is clean and simple, that search engines have no difficulty filtering keywords.

Added to this, WordPress evolved from a blogging tool, which means it retained all the positive aspects of tagging, titles, commenting, and content type that can be easily filled with keywords.

Built-in blog

A lot of websites today have separate blogging parts in order to take advantage of the benefits a blog brings to your business. With WordPress, you already have a blogging tool incorporated, with everything needed (RSS feeds, e-mail subscription plug-ins, commenting possibilities and social media sharing possibilities). This saves web designers a lot of effort into designing separate platforms and incorporating all these tools. Less work for designers means lower costs for you. It can’t get better than that!

Unlimited content, easy moderation

With WordPress, you have no limitations when it comes to just how much content you upload to your site. You can have thousands of pages and posts without noticing the slightest drops in speed or stability. And this highlights another advantage of WordPress – stability and speed. Users browsing your site will notice a huge increase in responsiveness compared to your previous website, simply because WordPress code is so clear.

Lastly, you can assign administrative rights to as many people as you want. You can limit each individual administrator account to have access only to a certain features, depending on their field of expertise. This means that you can promote your bloggers to have moderating responsibilities, and at the same time, give access to your web design company to do regular maintenance and updates if they are necessary.

And best of all, you can do everything from your browser, with just a few clicks. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with a professional WordPress Website Designers and start moving your website today. There you have little to lose and everything to gain!

How to turn your website to a lead generating tool?

You have a website that looks incredibly well….but do you have the right elements so as to generate sales from it? When used properly, your website can prove to be a fantastic marketing tool. So do not let your website simply be another digital brochure, rather utilize it optimally to get the most out of it.

Let us first identify what those features are that labels your website as an effective marketing tool. For that ask yourself a few questions about your website first:

• Does your website convert?
• Does your website engage its viewers?
• Are you measuring your traffic reports?

If you have answered “No” to the previous questions, it implies that your website is not engineered enough to be a marketing tool. It indicates the implementation of few elements that can enhance your website’s performance as a lead generating machine.

1. Landing Page – The concept of a landing page is the one where your visitor lands after clicking on to your advertisement. It is specially created keeping in mind the offer posted on the advertisements so that the visitor gets the specific details about what has been advertised instead of putting him into a pool of information about your various products and services.

Within a very short span of time (which is just 5-10 seconds) your landing page should be able to provide the visitor with all the details about the offer (if you have posted any), it should clearly site the value of the offer and the related actions that would be necessary on the part of the visitor and the specific benefits of doing so. That is the primary essence of a landing page.

web marketing promotion illustration.

web marketing promotion illustration.

2. Add a Blog – Blog is an effective method of content marketing. If you have a WordPress Website, adding a blog is quite easy. There are many reasons why your website should have a blog? We have covered this is one of our post discussing the benefits of having a blog for your website.

You can make weekly posts on interesting subjects to get more readers for your blog and keep them hooked on to it and coming back for more.

It is an excellent place to promote offers, company news, and other great stuff that you would like to share with your website visitors.

3. Focus on CTA – CTA or Call to Action are an integral part of any business website. We often tend to overlook this factor though, but we should never give it a miss. Call to Action is something that says, “Get in Touch”, “Call Now”, “Download Now”, “Contact Us” etc. When a user clicks on any of these CTAs it drives them to their next obvious action. However, it is important to phrase the CTA Terms correctly in order to get noticed.

4. SEO and Social Media – Undoubtedly, Social Media has gained a prominent place in today’s business industry and nevertheless your website should be ignoring this fact. Make sure that your Social Media Icons are placed on your website and your respective profiles are connected to them.

5. Website Analytics – Now that you have done it all, you need to see how your efforts are taking shape? Integration of Google Analytics to your website is yet again a vital criterion for measuring the performance of your website. Google Analytics is a Free Application gives you explicit details about the traffic to your website’s landing page as well as each and every inner page of the website. Further it also reports the traffic’s geo location, which helps you to understand the target area for your potential buyers. It has many more essential features which can be very clearly understood once you create an account and start using it.

Finally, make sure you hire a web design company who has ample expertise in the design and development of websites that drives real business for its owner.

Role of Social Media in your Business

With an ever-expanding online environment, and a multitude of online platforms that promote social interaction on an international scale, it has become clear in recent years that combining the potential of social websites with your online business is crucial to any business. There is just so much that you can do to promote your business using social media marketing.

What are the benefits of integrating features of social websites to your own online store or business? Well, let’s take a look!

A potentially unlimited client-base

The internet has reached most corners of the world today, and most internet users have an account on at least one online social network. As a consequence, exposing your business to these social platforms will give you access to billions of people, from all the countries of the world, people that could potentially become your customers.

What can you do to take advantage of this ever-expanding market? It’s rather simple, actually. Most platforms will provide space for ads for your business, and the frequency of how often these ads appear, the targeted demographic they will appear for, or the simple size of your company banner or ad are limited only by your budget. You may be surprised about how much you can actually gain for a meager investment.

social media in website promotion

Social Media in Website Promotion

The secrets of free marketing

Many people forget that when it comes to marketing and advertising your services or products, often the strongest impact is created by the free, indirect marketing that comes from word-of-mouth. Because people using social network websites spend most of their time sharing information and sharing thoughts about things they like or dislike, it is important to design an online platform for your own business that takes advantage of this.

As such, hiring a good website design company to implement social network interaction platforms on your personal site can be a small, yet very profitable investment. After all, there’s nothing better than someone posting a comment on a product they bought from your website, and knowing that the hundreds of friends of that individual just learned about your product without you ever spending valuable time or funds on marketing.

What you should focus on?

When getting in touch with a web design firm, you should have a few goals in mind.

First of all, the principle of less-is-more does not apply when focusing on social network advertising. Here, you have to focus on “the more, the better”. A lot of online companies focus only on using Facebook, and neglect other important platforms. The potential is there, the more platforms you can implement into your website, the more exposure your business will have.

Secondly, make sure that the company you employ to implement these platforms onto your website has design experience. It’s very important from an aesthetic point of view that the design of your website matches the design of the comment section. Don’t take shortcuts and use pre-made Facebook commenting templates, or you will end up with a website that is chaotic, does not follow a specific theme or has distasteful color combinations. Rely on your web-designer to implement buttons, fonts and color-schemes that match the initial design of your website. Remember that when you have new potential clients browsing your website, you have to leave a good impression, and the visual aspect is key in achieving this.

Why should you have a cross-device compatible website?

When we are speaking about the cross-device compatibility of websites, we are referring to the specific way in which websites are built in order to be pleasing visually on any kind of device. In other words, it will not matter if you are accessing a website from a 21.5 inch flat monitor, a 9 inch tablet or a 3.5 inch smart-phone, the website will still be easy to see and navigate through.

What cross-device compatibility does seems simple enough at a first glance, but proper layout design and website development can be hard to achieve. You have to understand, that cross-device compatible websites load differently on different platforms. A wide-screen monitor will have one representation of the layout, a small-screen phone will have a different one. However, the elements of the website remains unchanged, no matter the device used to access it.

responsive web design

Responsive Website Design

Programming a website to act like this is a challenging task, and that is why you should employ the services of proven professional website developers and designers. Cross-device compatibility means responsive website design, which is nowhere near easy.

Now this might seem like an extra unnecessary headache if you are running a small online business, but in truth, there are solid reasons why cross-device compatibility should be at the top of your priority list.

First of all, studies show that there is a world-wide increase in mobile device accessibility and usage, which means that more and more users will use their tablets or phones to log onto your website, instead of your phone. To be able to do successful business, you have to cater to the masses that are migrating from large platforms such as a PC or a notebook, towards smaller devices. Understanding this aspect will prepare you from a market that is shifting from a “sitting behind a desk” approach to a “shopping while on the subway” approach.

Secondly, investing into cross-device compatibility will send a clear and resonating message to all your customers and users. It says “I care about you, and I took the time to make sure you can use my services at anytime, from anywhere”.

Sure, you have to invest a bit to employ a professional web developer and properly test the functionality of your website over several different operating systems, browsers and devices. But in the process, you ensure the confidence of your existing customers, prevent them from moving to the competition, and bring in new potential customers by providing a platform that works on tablets and smart-phones where other similar websites don’t (or are simply so frustratingly difficult to navigate, that users instantly close them down).

Cross-device compatibility or Responsive Website Design is useful. It’s necessary and mandatory for any online business that wants to keep up or get ahead of the competition. Mobility is the future, and you need to get in touch with your website development company to plan ahead and profit from this ever-expanding market.

Need to know more why your website needs to go mobile?