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Planning a Mobile Website Strategy? 3 Reasons why opt for Responsive Web Design

Smartphones have taken on an integral part in our lives. And there is no denying of the fact that it has definitely made our lives easier in ways more than one. We prefer to browse though our favourite websites, shop, socialize and do several other things in our day to day life using a smartphone.

So, are you one of those website owners who are missing on those views on their website from smartphone users? Try Google Analytics to see how many viewers have opted using a mobile device to browse your website. How many of them were happy with the result? How many gave you a lead or closed a sale? None? Then you might be missing on the very crucial aspect, that is, a mobile friendly website.

Today’s era demand a website that performs uniformly whether it is a desktop or a tablet or a smartphone. This is why exactly you should opt for responsive website design.

responsive website design

Responsive Website Design

1. Do I really need to have a mobile friendly website?

Of course yes. Mobile browsing is an immensely popular practice followed now. Several times most of your targeted visitors might be looking for the kind of information contained in your website or might need to purchase stuffs on the go or at late hours if you happen to sell products. So, it is time that you adapt quickly to a mobile compatible website, failing which can result in loss of potential customers.

2. Do I need a dedicated mobile version of my website or a responsive one?

You can have it either way. You can create a standalone mobile website which will have a different URL, something like, and have another main website as well. The difficulty in such situations is that you have to maintain 2 websites if there is a new update. Responsive website design paves way for such all such flexibility. One website is all and it is cross device compatible. So, you can have one website to update should there be any change and the website being responsive it shall display equally well across all devices.

3. What are the essentials for a mobile/responsive website?

The requirements vary based on website features and functions. If you have a Salon Website, you need to include the booking form. Again if you are selling products, you need to display them under proper categories so that it is easy to find them for a mobile user.

The links should not be placed too close to each other. This may result in miss-clicks, which in turn can frustrate the user. Therefore sufficient spacing should be allowed to provide smooth browsing experience to the user.

Also, it is important to include your contact information where your user can get in touch if they so require. You can also include a contact form to capture visitor data those of who would be interested in your services / products and might fill up the same.

Hiring competent professionals from a responsive web design company can get you through your requirements smoothly and efficiently.

If you need to know more about Responsive Website Design, learn why should you have a cross-device compatible website? and why your website needs to go mobile?

Why should you have a cross-device compatible website?

When we are speaking about the cross-device compatibility of websites, we are referring to the specific way in which websites are built in order to be pleasing visually on any kind of device. In other words, it will not matter if you are accessing a website from a 21.5 inch flat monitor, a 9 inch tablet or a 3.5 inch smart-phone, the website will still be easy to see and navigate through.

What cross-device compatibility does seems simple enough at a first glance, but proper layout design and website development can be hard to achieve. You have to understand, that cross-device compatible websites load differently on different platforms. A wide-screen monitor will have one representation of the layout, a small-screen phone will have a different one. However, the elements of the website remains unchanged, no matter the device used to access it.

responsive web design

Responsive Website Design

Programming a website to act like this is a challenging task, and that is why you should employ the services of proven professional website developers and designers. Cross-device compatibility means responsive website design, which is nowhere near easy.

Now this might seem like an extra unnecessary headache if you are running a small online business, but in truth, there are solid reasons why cross-device compatibility should be at the top of your priority list.

First of all, studies show that there is a world-wide increase in mobile device accessibility and usage, which means that more and more users will use their tablets or phones to log onto your website, instead of your phone. To be able to do successful business, you have to cater to the masses that are migrating from large platforms such as a PC or a notebook, towards smaller devices. Understanding this aspect will prepare you from a market that is shifting from a “sitting behind a desk” approach to a “shopping while on the subway” approach.

Secondly, investing into cross-device compatibility will send a clear and resonating message to all your customers and users. It says “I care about you, and I took the time to make sure you can use my services at anytime, from anywhere”.

Sure, you have to invest a bit to employ a professional web developer and properly test the functionality of your website over several different operating systems, browsers and devices. But in the process, you ensure the confidence of your existing customers, prevent them from moving to the competition, and bring in new potential customers by providing a platform that works on tablets and smart-phones where other similar websites don’t (or are simply so frustratingly difficult to navigate, that users instantly close them down).

Cross-device compatibility or Responsive Website Design is useful. It’s necessary and mandatory for any online business that wants to keep up or get ahead of the competition. Mobility is the future, and you need to get in touch with your website development company to plan ahead and profit from this ever-expanding market.

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