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Website Design Trends

Website design aspects expected to be trending in 2017

Since its inception, website design has been undergoing continuous changes over the years. Over the last decade we have seen it evolve from simple Brochure Style Website Design to Innovative and Highly Creative Designs.
As 2016 is about to end and while we are all busy planning our celebrations for Christmas and New Year Parties, it is also time to make predictions for the Website Design Trends that would follow in the year 2017.

So let us take a look at what trends are expected to set in. 1. Using GIF animation to draw attention
Using Gifs in a website depict in-depth understanding of website design and provide it an urbane touch. The important elements in your website which may include best seller items, sales pitch etc. can make use of gifs to highlight its effect and add more significance to it. Several websites have embarked this trend on 2016 and we can anticipate to see more such animated gifs in 2017. 2. Video
Homepage background videos have proved quite successful in conveying a story about a product or service. It has been immensely used by several leading websites till date to tell their story effectively in just about a few seconds. More and more websites are approving this and we will be seeing the use of such videos in the websites designed in the subsequent few years.

Website Design Trends

Website Design Trends

sie sucht ihn local24 münchen 3. Infinite Scrolling
Long scroll is spontaneous on mobile devices and has therefore brought it well-known approval. Navigation becomes easier as it eradicates the additional clicks that are required in order to view the different sections of the website. And as web designers keep getting inspired by this and follow the trend, we expect to continue seeing the use of it in 2017.

go to site 4. Designing using real data
Offering actual facts and figures about a company in its website provides a deeper insight to its visitors. This in turn largely helps in making a larger impact on the visitor thus turning him to a potential buyer. This is anticipated to be adopted and used in the coming year too.

follow site 5. Product Explainer Videos
These are nothing new in a website as it has been there for quite sometime now. Usually of a 90 seconds duration, the product explainer videos offer a rapid and concise way to provide a deeper knowledge about a product or service. This was and is here to stay for the forthcoming year as well.

DALLA TEORIA ALLA PRATICA: go site INDIVIDUALE A MERCATI APERTI SULLE MID CAP . E' intitolato così il laboratorio diretto da Pietro Origlia 6. Stylised Typography
With the increased access to typographic choices and all thanks to Google Fonts, the door has opened where a minimalist design with more artistic use of typography. We now see enlarged sizes, traditional fonts used in eccentric way, elevated styles applied to fonts and many more which will continue to rule the web design in the following year as well.

These are amongst the few points in website design that can be considered to be setting in and continue in the coming year. This certainly does not include all of the trends and there can be many more things to be considered. However, we do not and cannot apply all of these trends into one website and it is wise to first understand and then pick up the ones that aptly serve your goals.


How to turn your website to a lead generating tool?

You have a website that looks incredibly well….but do you have the right elements so as to generate sales from it? When used properly, your website can prove to be a fantastic marketing tool. So do not let your website simply be another digital brochure, rather utilize it optimally to get the most out of it.

Let us first identify what those features are that labels your website as an effective marketing tool. For that ask yourself a few questions about your website first:

• Does your website convert?
• Does your website engage its viewers?
• Are you measuring your traffic reports?

If you have answered “No” to the previous questions, it implies that your website is not engineered enough to be a marketing tool. It indicates the implementation of few elements that can enhance your website’s performance as a lead generating machine.

1. here Landing Page – The concept of a landing page is the one where your visitor lands after clicking on to your advertisement. It is specially created keeping in mind the offer posted on the advertisements so that the visitor gets the specific details about what has been advertised instead of putting him into a pool of information about your various products and services.

Within a very short span of time (which is just 5-10 seconds) your landing page should be able to provide the visitor with all the details about the offer (if you have posted any), it should clearly site the value of the offer and the related actions that would be necessary on the part of the visitor and the specific benefits of doing so. That is the primary essence of a landing page.

web marketing promotion illustration.

web marketing promotion illustration.

2. source site Add a Blog – Blog is an effective method of content marketing. If you have a WordPress Website, adding a blog is quite easy. There are many reasons why your website should have a blog? We have covered this is one of our post discussing the benefits of having a blog for your website.

You can make weekly posts on interesting subjects to get more readers for your blog and keep them hooked on to it and coming back for more.

It is an excellent place to promote offers, company news, and other great stuff that you would like to share with your website visitors.

3. source site Focus on CTA – CTA or Call to Action are an integral part of any business website. We often tend to overlook this factor though, but we should never give it a miss. Call to Action is something that says, “Get in Touch”, “Call Now”, “Download Now”, “Contact Us” etc. When a user clicks on any of these CTAs it drives them to their next obvious action. However, it is important to phrase the CTA Terms correctly in order to get noticed.

4. binär optionen handeln SEO and Social Media – Undoubtedly, Social Media has gained a prominent place in today’s business industry and nevertheless your website should be ignoring this fact. Make sure that your Social Media Icons are placed on your website and your respective profiles are connected to them.

5. how to know your dating a hoe Website Analytics – Now that you have done it all, you need to see how your efforts are taking shape? Integration of Google Analytics to your website is yet again a vital criterion for measuring the performance of your website. Google Analytics is a Free Application gives you explicit details about the traffic to your website’s landing page as well as each and every inner page of the website. Further it also reports the traffic’s geo location, which helps you to understand the target area for your potential buyers. It has many more essential features which can be very clearly understood once you create an account and start using it.

Finally, make sure you hire a web design company who has ample expertise in the design and development of websites that drives real business for its owner.


Is your website attuned to perform under all conditions?

Designing a website is only one part of the entire web design development process. Then we have to consider a lot of other factors, such as responsive programming (which refers to the ability of a website to be viewed from different devices), security threats, and last, but not least, cross-browser functionality.

A professional web design company will always plan ahead and make sure the website performs perfectly under any conditions. Because users around the globe use various browsers to navigate online, cross-browser functionality becomes crucial.

The most commonly used browsers today are Internet Explorer (versions 7 and 8 mostly), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Of course, there are many, many others, but in general, these are the main browsers you have to take into account when building your website.

Cross Browser Website

Cross Browser Website

In order to ensure the functionality of a website on various browsers, professional web design companies run multiple tests, using various software, to determine what potential problems might be and to get a better understanding of what is required to fix them. Polishing that HTML or PHP code is the most important step in ensuring bugs don’t arise on various platforms.

From a programmer point of view, the process can be time-consuming, and involve repeated testing. There are, of course, professional cross-browser testing programs that can be used to ease the programming and bug-tracking processes, but these are usually not free, and require an investment from the web designer. Still, you should make sure your web developer has the tools necessary to ensure the stability of your website on any browser. Some of the best tools for this are BrowserShots, IE tester, Adobe Browser Lab, Cloud Testing, Browsera, and many more. Make sure the company you service to build your website has at least some of these, and knows how to properly use them. Also, keep a close eye on the bug-tracking and testing processes, and make sure bugs that are found are actually fixed.

From a user perspective, the cross-browser compatibility issue can be viewed differently. If you design a website that works perfectly on one browser, but fails or is buggy on others, you will only be catering to a certain percentage of your potential client-base. They want to see a functioning website regardless of what browser they use (as the browser choice most often comes down to a matter of taste and preference). If you fail to provide stability for everyone, you’re only partially exploiting the potential of your website.

This is why you should seriously invest into a web design firm that has the capabilities to ensure cross-browser and cross-device functionality and compatibility, instead of hiring a web designer that fails to properly address these issues. Testing might prolong the duration of the web design and development process, but it’s an investment well worth making.


Custom WordPress Website Design Services vs WordPress Themes

If you have decided to start a new blog or website using WordPress, and are trying to figure out how to start or where to get a good theme from, you might want to keep reading.

A lot of people decide to go for free templates and themes for their newly started WordPress websites. This, however, is a crucial mistake, and they usually end up investing a lot of time into content that quickly becomes obsolete, or simply end up spending so much time trying to fix problems that arise, that they neglect the entire purpose of using WordPress in the first place – that of sharing content and ideas.

There are several reasons why web design companies do not use free or even premium themes. For one, most of these themes have severe flaws in their code, and while they may look decent at the first glance, the problems hidden in the code usually take more time to fix than writing code from scratch. Then, there’s also the problem of ruining your brand (and, as with every business, your brand defines who you are). If you’re trying to make a name for yourself, using the same theme thousands of people are using already might not be the greatest of ideas.

WordPress Website Design

WordPress Website Design

Originality is key, regardless of what your passion or business is aimed at. This is a non-debatable fact. And if you want to promote yourself as being ahead of the competition, you can’t afford to use the same theme others are using too. You might be surprised just how easy it is to stumble upon two different blogs, with different content, but that look almost identical. Using Custom WordPress Website Design Services will ensure that you will stand out of the pack (assuming, of course, that you also provide quality content).

Another non-apparent problem of free themes is that they are not designed for extensive modification and plug-in implementation. Even if you manage to modify a free template to look somewhat unique and pleasing to the eye (which, again, takes more effort than designing something from scratch), you might encounter multiple problems in backend coding later on.

Because of these coding problems and complications, once you start implementing various plug-ins to enhance the user experience, you might get to a point where your website becomes unusable or runs slowly.

This is again avoidable by contracting the services of professional WordPress Developers, who will ensure a clean coding that allows for potentially limitless plug-in installations, without compromising stability and performance. Not to mention that a professional WordPress Website Designer will prevent security breaches that come along with most plug-ins used on free templates.

So, if you’ve been concentrating on free templates or even pondering to buy a premium template (which is practically the same as a free one, but is designed to look better and probably has fewer coding mistakes), we strongly advise you to reconsider. For a small investment, a Custom WordPress Website Design will ensure you have a unique blog or website, that you can extend with various plug-ins, and that will run smoothly and will be free of security breaches.

The advantages should be obvious. You will be standing out from the crowd, you won’t have to invest time into fixing problems you didn’t even know existed when you downloaded that catchy free theme, and most importantly, you will have plenty of time to invest into filling your professional WordPress website with quality content.


Role of design in your marketing endeavour

Marketing campaigns are primarily meant for raising awareness about a brand, product or service and entice viewers to make a purchase. Any creative material used for promoting the company, contributes directly to its overall impression on its customer. Design is what draws attention to your ad and is hugely responsible for carrying your brand’s image in a proper way. Thus, the success of any marketing campaign depends a great deal on its appearance. Continue reading


How to design for a particular target audience

Identifying the audience for your business is one of the crucial aspects that can affect your business promotion. Having a good understanding of your audience will prove as one of your greatest assets as your design would make them feel that they have landed into the correct place and will make them respond and reach out to you which is the goal of your website. Continue reading


Things to know when setting up a website

With the tools available for users nowadays, it’s not incredibly difficult to set up a website, especially if you use pre-made templates that are available for. However, beginners often over look some crucial aspects of website design.


go to site 1. The impact of the Home page

The home-page is the first thing users see when they navigate to your website. Because of this, the home-page must be flawless, original and intuitive. If you’re unsure of how to arrange and design your homepage, employ the services of a professional website developer company. It’s better to invest a little than to make a negative first impression that will scare off users or customers.

2. Content and Content management

Making a website is one thing, filling it up with relevant content is another. Don’t overlook the importance of providing meaningful, relevant data and information that attracts users and at the same time provides good search engine presence. It’s definitely not easy to fill page after page with articles, product information and media, so if you need a hand, employ an online marketing company with experience or turn towards professionals in the field who can help guide you. Users need to be captivated and interested once they find your site.

3. Security

Beginners are often easily impressed with their work once they create a tidy website. But looks are only part of running a successful online business. In order to have long-term success, you need to secure data on your website, prevent spam-bots, hacking and stability issues. As such, website security is crucial in any business success, and it’s one of the harder parts of website development and design. It’s often best to employ the services of professional companies rather than risk ending up with a poorly secured and optimised platform.

4. Understanding your targeted user-base

This issue encompasses various topics, among which website design, online marketing strategies and content management. You need to understand who you’re building your website for. It’s not for you, it’s for your users and clients. In order to satisfy them, you will need to come up with a specific design targeted at a certain user-base (web designers can often guide you in this sense), provide meaningful content (either through blogs or educational articles, or by adding product-relevant descriptions and media) and building marketing strategies that fit your target demographic.

Do not underestimate the importance of these aspects. Users won’t simply look for your website out of curiosity. You need to catch their eye and interest and this is easily said than done. Investing time into understanding who you’re addressing can make the difference between a failed or successful online endeavour.

5. User interaction

Once users join your website and see meaningful information and data, they have to have a sense of interaction. You can achieve this by providing plug-ins for social networks or commenting, or by building a forum. Both of these methods are harder to do than they seem, and if you want it done right (which should be a priority for you), you need to consider employing the services of professional web design company.


SEO Friendly Website Design

The aspect of Search Engine should be well kept in mind since the very inception of your website. It is no longer a feature to be considered after the website is complete.


First and foremost what you need to take into consideration is the domain name of the website. It should be related to the type of keywords that your customers might use to find your business. This can help you a great deal for your website’s ranking in future.

Search Engines emphasise a lot on the ease with which a user can browse your website. Keep the navigation user-friendly. This will also make search engines easier to understand your website.

While writing the content of the website, keep in mind the content used is interesting for the reader and not just populated with keywords. This can cause irritation to the reader and he might at once quit browsing further. Making use of Headings and Sub-Headings like H1, H2, H3 etc is a good idea to describe your content.

The load speed of the website is yet another crucial aspect for SEO. Search Engines hate websites that load slow and is unlikely to get higher into SERP. Therefore optimise your images and your website coding in such a way that the website loads fast.

Adding social media links on your website is significant as it indicates to the search engine that your website is up to date. Share your own content using the social media links on your website. Keep the topic interesting and intriguing for others to read and share in turn. This will greatly increase your website visibility and is good for search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation begins with the initiation of the design of the website and goes all along the development of the website as well. In short it is all about impressing and captivating your visitors. When you have done that, you have actually impressed the search engine as well.

Most importantly what we need to remember is that the website should be made SEO Friendly and SEO Optimised but not made for the sole purpose of SEO, rather it should be made for the user. That is we have to Balance SEO and User Experience in Your Web Page Design.