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Why your business website should have a blog?

Blogging started as thought-sharing movement years ago, but has quickly evolved into an important marketing strategy tool. Why? Because blogging is virtually the sharing of ideas, and people are often curious about what others think about a certain topic. And curiosity generates website traffic. So why is blogging good for business? Let’s take a look.

Content attracts people

When you blog, you generally speak about a given topic. This means you’re both describing that topic and providing insight about it. This means that blogs in general have an educational value, and people are always willing to learn more. Providing quality blog posts means you will generate website traffic, which is always good for business. This type of content infuse a sense of confidence in users regarding your services, because you’re showing them you know a lot about the services you offer, and are able to educate them.

website blog design

Website Blog Design


Added SEO advantages

The more content you have, the more exposed you are on search engines. Blogging is one of the best ways to improve search engine ratings, because it gives you all the space you need to make use of those very important keywords that refer to your particular business field.
So, while keeping users occupied with interesting content, you’re also rapidly increasing your position in search engine results. Online web marketing professionals all agree that the better the SEO ratings of your site, the more users will visit your online business, and hence, the bigger your revenues will become.

Cost effectiveness

Blogging is cheap. Well, actually it’s free, apart from the time invested in writing things, obviously. The only thing that can cost you money is building a platform stable enough to run a high-traffic blog, and successfully incorporating it into your website. However, even this cost is extremely reduced, because professional web design companies are so experienced with blogging and blogging tools, that they will work fast and efficiently to build a stable environment for your blogging needs, which means that their work is affordable.

Thus, you get a traffic and SEO generating platform for an insignificant investment, and the results are going to pay for that investment tenfold.


One more important aspect of the profitability of blogging we need to mention is the social one. Social networks and blogging are both marketing tools, and they often go hand-in-hand. What this means is that if you have a quality blog running, it’s extremely easy to make users talk about what they read. And when they talk, they share. This means that if you provide your blog with social media links (your web designer can provide this service for you), you will grow your presence on social networks as well, and that’s an entirely different market you’re suddenly catering for.

If you manage to follow these steps, and invest enough time into constantly coming up with quality content on your website affiliated blog, you will see huge increases in traffic and business revenues soon enough. As such, you really can’t afford to miss out on the advantages blogging brings for your business.

So along with your website design, remember to get a blog for your website as well. It really helps!

Video Marketing – How it can help in promoting your Business?

Audio-visuals are appealing and attract far more diverse crowds than textual advertisements. Out of all the graphical options – images, animated gifs and videos; videos, probably, cast the longest lasting impression on us.

In-fact, video marketing is a new online marketing tool that is yet to be fully exploited. Hail the advancements in bandwidths and data-rate capabilities of ISPs, now streaming a video on web is at par with surfing textual pages. Hence, it seems to be the high time to use video marketing to advantage.

The following aspects of video marketing make it stand out from other forms of advertising –

1. Multi sensory stimulation

Unlike text or images, videos stimulate two sensory organs – eyes and ears. This makes videos seem more realistic than other forms. A great video has visuals packed with apt sounds and a tone of speech that would make it feel vivid and personalized.

2. Quick transfer of information

Clubbing visuals and audio helps one in explaining details of product better. It elicits the understanding of what you are trying to sell and the basic idea of the video. Also, a two minute video can transfer as much information as reading fifteen minutes of text.


3. Ease in sharing

Videos are relatively easy (and interesting) to share. Sharing textual pages is so out of fashion and no one really looks forward to it when they receive a link to a web page having text. However, a sense of curiosity precedes the click when one receives a video link! Also, a video has more chances of going viral than a textual web page.

4. Effortlessness

Watching a video is relatively effortless when compared to reading something. It can be thought of like you needing to go to a textual page, but a video coming to you! When we read text about a product (or a service) we imagine it to be in a particular manner. This imagination needs effort. But a video is self-descriptive in this regard. It already shows you what you should have been imagining!

5. Invariant perception

If you ask ten people to read from a text and tell you what they comprehend of it then there is a high probability that you’ll notice considerable difference. People perceive things differently. But when it comes to marketing you would want to maintain some kind of standard and consistency in your propaganda. Hence come in the videos. If you repeat the above activity using videos, I’m pretty sure all will register more or less the same views about the subject.

All in all, it should be considered that video marketing has enormous potential which has not been exploited yet. This is a race where giants have already started putting their stakes in. The early bird catches the worm after all!

So whether you have created a brochure website design or an ecommerce website design, promoting your website is of utmost importance. Learn more about promoting your website and how to turn your website to a lead generating tool?