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5 Web Design Trends Prevailing In 2019

Now that we are almost nearing the end of the year 2019, it leaves us with quite a few trends that characterised website design this year. Lets take a close look at few of them here.

Ghost Buttons

Ghost Buttons were one of the first potential trends in 2019. So what exactly is a ghost button? Probably you have seen them a lot by now. They are usually square or rectangular in shape with no fillings but just a thin outline with some text inside. They work exactly like buttons and fulfil the action when pressed. They get the attribute of ghost probably because they do not look like what they actually are or perhaps because they are transparent as phantoms that instantly grab the viewer’s attention. One of the biggest benefits of Ghost Button is that they have a very high CTA (Call to Action) as they perform extremely well in grabbing attention towards the areas where you want your visitors to focus at.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling started in 2013 and gradually grew as one of the biggest trend in vertical scrolling in 2014. Parallax Scrolling is one in which the background of the website moves slowly than the foreground as you scroll down the page. Parallax Scrolling has some good benefits which include engaging users through scrolling which can be a pleasant experience, enjoyable and generate enthusiasm for them. Yet another good thing is that the visitor gets all information in one place without having to navigate away from the homepage which also eradicates the need to click and refresh each page of the website. In order to see any particular section all the user needs to do is scroll. Scrolling has in fact gained a better foothold over clicking. Now viewers want to get a complete preview right on the first page of the website which creates a dynamic interaction between the website and the user.

Mobile First Approach

Website browsing patterns have been evolving which cannot be ignored should you want to make your website a success. With visitors frequenting your website from a mobile device, if your website do not offer a pleasant experience it is most likely that it will be abandoned. Keeping this in mind, a mobile first approach should be adopted by all website owners that would render well across all devices including desktop, laptop, iPads, Tablets and Smart Phones. The design should be friendly when used from a mobile device in a way that the various sections are easily understood, proper spacing is available for taping and the images are perfect fit and do not annoy the viewer.

Large Background Images

Using a big background photo has currently become one of the ever growing trend in website design. However images have got over the aspect of stock photography with people dressed in suits and smiling and gleaming all the way. Images on current websites play a major role in communication. Designers now make use of more natural looking photos in the background that are huge in size that gradually disappears while scrolling as the foreground takes over.

Video Background

People love to see the visuals in motion where the ideas are more easily transferred to the visitors rather than the use of an image. We have already seen video been implemented as background on websites and the trend is certainly there to stay and grow. The website load time definitely remains an issue though. However in some cases it is done very efficiently, yet in others the visitor has to wait for it to load.

Certain Website Design trends have cropped up in the last few years and there is no significant aspect noticed in 2019 as such. These trends have been continuing for a couple of years now and will evolve with time. Here I have discussed some of the prevailing trends in this year. We might see these continuing over the next few years or might see more new trends catching up. The world of website design is ever changing.