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What is User Experience?

User Experience or UX is about how your website visitor interacts with your website. It is about what idea your user gets about your website on browsing through your website. Basically it is all about the communication between the visitor and the website.

Smashing Magazine describes user experience as “how a person feels when interfacing with a system.” Feeling is definitely part of the issue, but it’s not the whole thing. Nielsen Norman Group gets closer to the point with their definition: “‘User experience’ encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”

Why user experience is so important?

The first and foremost answer is Today’s search algorithms favour sites with good user experience.

Google directly mentions in their Webmaster Guidelines that “Google’s goal is to provide users with the most relevant results and a great user experience” or in other words Google’s aim is to provide users with the best experience.

This obviously shows that one of the main principles of Google algorithm is “focus on the user”. However, many websites tend to design websites from seo point of view. It should be kept in mind that enriching the UI forms a major criterion of SEO which should not be ignored. To rank for search results in google, one must effectively deliver exactly what the search engines desire and in order to do so, an optimal user experience needs to be achieved in the first place.

Google’s algorithms or philosophies are only trying to comprehend which websites we, the users find important so it can come back with the best results for us. Hence, one of the most successful approaches in order to make Google like your website is to make the users like it. This is precisely why user experience is so important to any website SEO strategy.

Therefore there is definitely a crucial connection between User Experience and SEO. Top Ways UX Can Prove an Indirect Benefit for SEO Success

Why User Experience and SEO are entwined?

As per Moz, it highlights The Impact of Usability and User Experience on search engine rankings and mentions “Crafting a thoughtful, empathetic user experience helps ensure that visitors to your site perceive it positively, encouraging sharing, bookmarking, return visits, and inbound links—all signals that trickle down to the search engines and contribute to high rankings.”

SEO and User Experience are inter-related as they both deal with what users perceive on the web:

SEO: Helps to find out whether a website ranks on SERP among the relevant results.

UX: Determines whether or not a website is being clicked and whether the website contains quality content or not.

SEO Techniques

However, totally discarding SEO in favor of a UX-focused approach is incorrect. While it is true that SEO and UX have become more and more harmonizing and that designing for UX does often result in improved SEO — there are some UX elements that affect Google’s ability to crawl a website, and some areas in which they benefit each other.

SEO techniques should be balanced with good user experience if they’re to form part of a long term search strategy.

Google is becoming more advanced and ultimately more human like with every update. So if you want to attract Google and keep in its good books don’t try and fool it, just give it what it wants…. A good user experience just like the rest of us.