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Designing A Website With SEO In Mind

A high quality and professional website may be appealing and good for building your company’s brand. But, are your targeted customers finding your website? Is it helping you in increasing your sales? This is where SEO plays its role. SEO has always been evidently associated with the internet and with Google implementing and updating its algorithm from time to time, maximising SEO can actually have a big impact on boosting your business.

Call to action should be clearly visible. Be it request a quote, request a call back, click to call, shop, add items to cart or contact us, all of these should be easily visible. When your customer lands on your page and get their necessary information, their next step which is reaching out to you should be clearly visible. How well your traffic is converted, is an important measure in SEO and hence a clear and visible call to action is crucial.

Easy navigation has dual benefits when it comes to SEO. First, in case your visitors are not able to find the required information on your website, they will tend to quit the website. This results in higher bounce rate, which is considered a setback factor for SEO. On the other hand, if your visitors stay longer on your website, your website is considered as offering good information and is counted as an added advantage for SEO.

Make the most of the URLs. The URL structure is a crucial factor in the SEO ranking process. So, when your website is being built consider giving your website URLs that can give your website the maximum benefit. Avoid using urls which look dynamic like, www.example.com/posts/id=4456 instead using keywords that describe the page best and which are the targeted ones for that page in the URL will maximise the benefits.

Good user experience. Having a professional web designer build your company website will make your website user friendly. Utmost care should be taken that your visitors get what they want. Quickly loading website, easy to navigate, content focussed, a clean and organised layout are some of the factors that guarantee good user experience.

Correct Mobile Strategy. Having a responsive website i.e. mobile friendly is imperative for increased visitors. Study shows that people tend to spend more time on mobile devices than on a desktop. You can either have a separate mobile website such as m.example.com but that would mean a separate website and maintaining and updating it as well along with your desktop website. Having a responsive website would help solve the issue to a great extent. This technique would make your website design fluid to fit any screen size. This makes Google and other search engines happy as well.

In conclusion, search engine optimisation is an extremely important factor for the success of your website. Since Google has expanded increasingly in the last few years, it is imperative that we consider the implementation of SEO onto the websites.