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Why Your Website Needs To Go Mobile?

If you have a business, you just cannot afford to deny the fact that it needs a mobile version as well. Website browsing is no longer limited to desktops and laptops. Studies reveal that 2015 will be the year of mobile. Tablets and Mobile Phones are becoming tremendously popular for browsing the internet. So, to ensure that your targeted visitors find you while they are using any hand-held device to browse the internet, it is imperative that your website performs well across all devices.

It is difficult to maintain a different mobile website, as that would mean updating the website all over separately whenever you will update your main website. Responsive Website Design plays an important role in making your website cross device compatible. Fully Responsive Websites adapts to various screen sizes so that your website contents are clearly viewed and can be navigated in a very user-friendly manner. Thus when user will open your website on a tablet or a mobile, it will not need to be zoomed or scrolled in order to view its contents. Therefore, Responsive Web Design is utmost necessity. It is also highly recommended by Google. After all reducing bounce rate is all about enhancing the user experience.

Studies show that conversion ratio is higher from smart phones than that of desktops/laptops. The fact is justified when users are likely to locate a shop or a restaurant nearby and they reach for their mobile phone for the purpose. At this point of time, if your website happens to be slow or unreadable to the user, it is most likely that the user will quit and move on to another website.

Responsive Web Design is especially important for eCommerce Websites. While shopping on the go, users prefer hassle free shopping to purchase their items. If they find the website difficult to use, most of them will leave the website without closing a transaction. This will also lead them not to get back to your website in future for the experience they will have at the first visit.

Responsive Web Design provides you the key to keep your website accessible to the large amount of potential clients it reaches to using any devices. This gives you an edge over revenue generation and gain prosperity for your business.

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