Website support

Why do your business needs ongoing maintenance service

Website maintenance service is essential for your brand, it promotes the performance of your website. A regular maintained website ensures a dependable and safe platform for your online visitors.


Continuous service enhances user experiences by making it a secure platform to browse and share confidential data. With regular bug fixes and latest software updates, the website guarantees low maintenance cost.


Secure platform

With regular updates and bug fixing, your website becomes secure from external threats.

Improve Visibility

Improves Online Presence

Feature rich efficient website with updated content adds value to the customer’s experience.

Improve Visibility

Increased traffic with satisfied visitors

Continuous and regular revisions with the websites design, functionalities and contents helps to enhance the user experience and breaks the monotony on your website. The website becomes fast to load, thus making the customers happy & comfortable with page navigation in your website.

Improve Visibility

Develops Online credibility

A secured website and server with latest plugins and softwares help to fortify your online business against all the threats from the online world. Updated system assures your visitors to feel safe and relaxed while exchanging details with your online pages, thus enhancing the online sales to reach a new higher level. Search Engines also always favours an updated, content rich and secured website which adds value to the visitor’s experience.

Improve Visibility

Boost your online sales with minimised expenditure

Little problems accumulate to a bigger issue over time. Regular On time bug fixes, content or plug in updates not only help your website to remain at per with the modern trends, but also saves you a lot more in future. Backdated website will lower your website traffic which ultimately drops down your online sales. Regular maintenance service will increase your website’s performance, ushering the boost in your online business.

Ongoing website support

Website maintenance services include:

  • Updating Website Content and Images
  • Layout modification of theme
  • Plugin Installation and configuration
  • Add page or Blog Post
  • Color customization of your website
  • Adding google analytics code on your WordPress site
  • Landing page creation
  • Adding contact forms in WordPress
  • Remove dead links
  • Remove spam/unwanted comments
  • Delete old posts / articles
  • Any other updates and revisions.
  • Customisation of theme to add / remove any feature / section
  • WordPress Gallery implementation using free plugins
  • Adding newsletter signup form from Aweber or Mailchimp